Poker Site Needs To Close Down

The popular Bitcoin poker website Seals With Clubs has declared that it’s closing down.

In a notice posted on its website, Seals With Teams cited security problems but did not divulge the specific events that resulted in the decision.

Your website has experienced security problems in the past, having been the goal of a database compromise in Dec 2013 that resulted in the theft of 42,000

Seals guided all users to not deposit any bitcoins and With Clubs stated that withdrawals will be around. Explaining the specific situation as one making up „a perpetual state-of risk“, Seals With Teams said the end result was a selection by the firm owners and operating personnel.

The organization noted on its website:

„All participant funds and information stay intact and also the issue was not software related. We do not consider any one lost or of our purses found in operations to be jeopardized. However, this occasion has got the majority vote of the ownership and staff agree that closing down businesses is the very best shift for safety and security purposes.“

The poker site said the difficulties emerged on 11th February.

Despite assurances it would keep coming back online, and on Facebook, an unspecified hardware failure was documented by Seals With Clubs at the period, Seals With Clubs mentioned it was compelled to stay closed.

The internet site has been running cashouts and apologized to the customer base amid what it called „prolonged downtime“ on 15th February.
Potential uncertain

Seals With Clubs did not elaborate how long withdrawals may not stay unavailable, based on the notice, but promised that its power to provide withdrawals might be disrupted if its website is captured or the operators‘ ability to convey is interrupted.

„Any unsigned or invalidly signed directions by the others should not be regarded as legitimate,“ the notice read.

Seals With Clubs pronounced that, included in the close, some assets owned by the company will soon be transferred to chairman Micon to be able to facilitate the development of a new bitcoin poker system located in Barbados.

Most of these behind the site Won’t be involved with the project that is future, like the system of BinäreOptionen Broker in Germany for instance, in line with the notice. Micon referred to the newest poker system dubbed SwC 2.0 in a Facebook post hours after the shutdown was declared.

A somewhat whole bitcoin poker software package that was formerly thought to replace the initial Seals With system is included. Read further information on financial news .