Cheap VPN Provider

The switch VPN provider offers its services although only since 2010, but has been one of a leading VPN provider – mainly because of its excellent price-performance ratio. The cheapest VPN package already exist for 5,95USD month, the services are limited in comparison to higher-value packages: Not all servers and not all protocols (eg no OpenVPN) available. For monthly 7,95USD OpenVPN can be used and for 14,95USD / month to use servers in 16 countries German customers. SwitchVPN expanded its server park continuously and has currently in his own words on servers in the following countries: Romania, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Latvia.

German customers are also server in the Netherlands. Only on this server allows file sharing or P2P SwitchVPN. SwitchVPN performs no traffic logs, that is, no information is stored about which pages a customer visits or activities which it exerts on the Internet. Nevertheless, some data from SwitchVPN be collected: A timestamp (date of manufacture and the separation of the connection), duration of the session and the bandwidth used to be stored for safety reasons so customers who do not abide by the terms and conditions can be identified if necessary. For all other personal data must provide when registering, the customer, he can decide for themselves how they are stored and for what they may be used. View this website to read more.